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“We needed a stairlift that would fit our requirements” – Mr Barber shares his story

Hear how Mr Barber found a stairlift that met his needs, and how we worked around him and his home and created a customised stairlift solution that has been truly life changing.

Mr Barber and his wife moved into the idyllic Lamb Cottage in rural East Sussex more than twenty-eight years ago. They have enjoyed a peaceful life living in the house of their dreams; a traditional English cottage with period features including a very narrow staircase and curved walls. As time has passed, the property faced them with a problem as they struggled with the stairs.

As Mr Barber began to realise he might need a stairlift, he set about researching the options available. He contacted and made appointments with two different stairlift suppliers. However, these companies weren’t able to help. The suppliers assured Mr Barber that it would be impossible to install a stairlift on the staircase in his cottage and that the best option would be to start looking for a new home. Both Mr Barber and his wife were distraught at the thought of having to leave their beloved Lamb Cottage.

Around this time, Mr Barber picked up an Oak Tree Mobility leaflet. What a bit of luck! He contacted us, and we were able to schedule an appointment for the very next day. Our dedicated stairlift specialist visited him, listened to their problem and offered the perfect solution.

Due to the advanced technologies we use here at Oak Tree Mobility, no staircase is too narrow and no cottage is too small. We are always able to provide a solution and help customers like Mr Barber continue to enjoy their homes despite mobility issues.

A short time later, we installed a curved stairlift in Mr Barber’s home. The stairlift was specially made for Lamb Cottage. Thanks to our incredible technology, the narrow staircase that had proven so challenging for other companies was not an issue. At Oak Tree, we pride ourselves on being able to provide an affordable stairlift solution, even for the narrowest and most awkward staircases.

79 year old, Mr Barber from East Sussex
79 year old, Mr Barber from East Sussex

Mr Barber was thrilled and ceased his search for a new home. He and his wife have stayed in Lamb Cottage with the help of an Oak Tree Mobility curved stairlift. But you needn’t take our word for it – watch the interview with Mr Barber and hear how an Oak Tree Mobility stairlift has changed his life.

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