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Mrs Lewis shares her story

Mrs Lewis was bought her Oak Tree rise and recline chair as a present, and she absolutely loves it!

90 year old, Mrs Lewis from Llanelli
90 year old, Mrs Lewis from Llanelli

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Mrs: Lewis: I’m Elizabeth Mary Lewis. They call me May. I was ninety in last June. And my son and his wife look after me. They are wonderful!

Why did you choose Oak Tree?

Mrs Lewis: I’ll let me son David answer that…
David Lewis: I had a brochure through the post. And I had a look at the brochure and showed it to my mother. I phoned Oak Tree up, and a representative came out and had a chat with us and showed us a chair. There was ample room for moving about – left and right. We could adjust the chair for the feet and I thought, “This chair would be ideal.”
Mrs Lewis: I thought it was for him, but it was a surprise for me!

How has the chair helped you?

Mrs Lewis: I fell and broke my femur and I’ve got trapped nerve in my sciatica. I also suffer from arthritis. The chair is wonderful I can get out and sit down as I want to. I sit here and I’ll watch the telly. And then I’ll fall asleep. I don’t remember I’ve gone to sleep until I wake up!

Would you recommend Oak Tree?

I’d recommend an Oak Tree chair like mine to anybody. It is so comfortable. After my days, my chair will go back to my son then!

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