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Oak Collection

Transform your life. Transform your living room

Combining amazing comfort and exceptional looks, the Oak is our most popular collection

Oak Collection

A touch of elegance

Bring new levels of sophistication to you living room with our Oak Collection

Unparalleled comfort and support

The chairs in this range each feature three luxuriously filled back cushions, which provide unparalleled comfort and support. In addition, with their scroll arms and piped wings, these recliners are perfectly suited to those looking to add a touch of elegance to their home. With the simple-to-use handheld control panel, sitting and standing will be a breeze too.

“When my chair came, it was absolutely wonderful to sit in. For the first time for ages, I felt really comfortable.”

Mrs Atkins

Five steps to customising the Oak Collection


Step one - choose your material

At Oak Tree, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of fabrics and leather. With such a wide selection, there will be something you love whatever your taste. Our consultant can help you choose something that will perfectly complement your interior style, meaning your chair will look as good as it feels.

Explore an extensive range of fabrics and leather

Floral Champagne

Fleur Green

Floral Wheat

Plain Champagne

Patchwork Oyster

Diamond Honey

Floral Green

Boucle Bottle

Boucle Claret

Cottonseed Leather

Mocca Leather


Step two – choose your size

One of the most important choices you will make when buying your chair is its size. During your home consultation, you can try out one of our chairs and see how it feels. Then we will take your exact measurements and help you choose a chair that will fit you perfectly and offer supreme comfort.

Step three - choose your motor

The motor in your chair will determine exactly how it rises and reclines. We offer a number of motors, each of which suits a particular requirement. If you have limited space, for instance, or if you like to sleep on a chair that reclines completely, you’ll need a special motor.

High Leg Lift Motor

A standard motor that serves the needs of most people.
  • Raise the feet above the hips.
  • Relieves a number of health problems and pain issues.
  • A simple, two button handset. Recline at the same time as your feet are raised
  • Cannot operate the foot and back separately.

Wall Hugger Motor

If you would like you chair close to the wall, this is ideal for you.
  • A simple, two button handset.
  • Place the chair a minimum of 6″ from a wall or object.
  • Recline at the same time as your feet are raised.
  • Does not lift your feet above your hips.
  • Cannot operate the foot and back seperately.

Dual Motor

Allows the user to control the back and footrest independently.
  • Keep the backrest of your chair vertical while you raise and lower the footrest.
  • A four button handset.
  • Does not lift your feet above your hips.

Step four - choose your accessories

Heat & Massage

Upgrade to pure luxury with built in heat and massage. Chairs with these optional features will keep you warm while giving you a gentle massage to help you relax.

Head Cover

The top of the backrest is subjected to heavier wear than other areas of the chair. Protect your investment with a washable head cover that can be easily replaced when it wears out.

Arm Caps

The chair arms are one of the places that take the most wear. A pair of arm caps will help keep this area protected and keep your chair looking even better for longer.

Head Cushions

Get even more comfort with a specially designed head cushion that works in perfect harmony with your chair. Simply clip it in place and sit back in pure comfort.

Reading Light

Rediscover the joys of reading with an illuminating light that can be adjusted to any angle you require.


Castors can be added to your chair, making it easier to move and making the surrounding area easier to clean. Every chair can have castors added at no additional cost.


Step five - book an appointment

Try in your own home...

Our consultant will be able to advise exactly which product is best for you and your home.

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