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Independent Occupational Therapist Samantha Shann

“A home visit is the best way to assess your needs.”
Samantha Shann
Occupational Therapist

Pricing FAQ

A Free No Obligation Quote to Consider in Your Own Time

Every person has different needs and no two bathrooms are the same. Because of that, we’ll need to fully understand your requirements and measure your bath to give you an accurate price.

At Oak Tree Mobility, we offer an award-winning national home-visit service. One of our friendly, occupational-therapist-trained advisors will bring you a bath lift to try in the comfort of your own home. They will take the time to assess your needs and discover the best solution for you. We are here to make your life as easy as possible and will leave you with a free, no-obligation quote to consider in your own time.

The six steps you can expect from a home visit...


1 – Discussion

Talk through your requirements


2 – Assessment

We will help you decide what you need


3 – Measurement

We will precisely measure your bath


4 – Position

Choose the location for your wall unit


5 - Accessories

Customise your bath lift with a choice of extras


6 - Quotation

Receive a no-obligation quote based on your choices

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Your pricing questions answered

We understand that you've probably got a lot of questions. Don't worry – that's completely understandable. To help, we have put together a list of answers to some of the most popular questions that we get asked.

  • Is the Riviera reliable?

    Yes, this is a quality bath lift that has been built to the highest specification and designed to last. The Riveria bath lift comes with a comprehensive two-year warranty, which means you have full peace of mind and can bathe again in comfort and safety.

  • Am I committing myself to anything with a home visit?

    No. Your home visit will be completely obligation free. The only thing we might ask for is a cup of tea! We will answer your questions, assess your needs and take some measurements of your bath and the surrounding area. This will allow us to provide you with an accurate quote that you can consider in your own time.

  • Is my bathroom wall strong enough?

    Our highly skilled engineers have safely installed many Riviera units to all types of walls. We can fit the bath lift to most types of wall and will always provide an assessment before we install.

  • Will the Riviera hold my weight?

    The Oak Tree Riviera bath lift is designed to carry anyone up to twenty stone in weight.

  • Will the Riviera make bathing safer for me?

    Yes. Using the Riviera bath lift can reduce the risk of slipping or falling, making your bathroom a safer environment.

  • It sounds easy, but how is it powered?

    The Riviera bath lift is powered by mains electricity, but it also has its own back-up battery power supply and will operate in the event of electricity failure. It simply plugs into the nearest socket outside the bathroom which then goes through a transformer to the unit itself. Our fitter will make sure that it is all installed neatly and tidily. The Riviera also comes with a floating remote control. Just press the button and you will be lowered and raised gently and safely.

  • What if somebody else would like to use the bath?

    The Oak Tree Riviera is fitted to your existing bath so that there is no mess or fuss. Once you have finished bathing, the saddleband can be simply and neatly retracted into the unit when it’s not in use, so that others can use the bath freely with nothing in their way.

  • How do I know if the Riviera bath lift is actually suitable for my bathroom?

    The Riviera bath lift can be fitted to most baths and bathroom walls. It can be fitted to corner and spa baths and even stand-alone baths. In fact, there aren’t many baths that we can’t fit to. The Riviera can be fitted to your existing bath without the need for any alterations. We also carry out a free no obligation survey during your home demonstration.

  • What after sales service can I expect?

    We have built a reputation for first-class customer service, and that will continue after your bath lift has been installed. Our experienced and dedicated team are here to answer any questions you might have. If you ever need us, simply give us a call and let us know. In the unlikely event that you experience any technical difficulties with your bath lift, we have a team of expert technicians on hand too. Your peace of mind is guaranteed.

Amazing Autumn Savings

This autumn, we are offering an amazing £250 off any bath lift! There has never been a better time to decide to enjoy your bath again.

Finance Available

Once you’ve decided on a bathlift, you don’t need to go anywhere else to sort out the finance. We offer an interest free plan – just let us know you’re interested.

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The Personal Touch

Made to Fit Craftsmanship

We can fit our bath lifts on all sorts of different types of baths, including corner or freestanding baths. Our expert installers will take careful measurements to create a solution that is ideal for you.

Luxury as Standard

Great design and beautiful materials are fundamental to every Oak Tree product. Hundreds of details have been considered so you’ll enjoy comfort and quality that will make you smile.

Handmade in Britain

All our bath lifts are proudly designed and manufactured here in Great Britain. This ensures only the highest quality and means you’ll be able to rely on your bath lift for years to come.

Tailored to you and your home

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Our first-class service commitment continues long after you’ve bought a product

You are in safe hands with Oak Tree Mobility. Nothing is more important to us than our customers, and we care deeply about providing you with the best experience possible. But our commitment to you doesn’t stop once you’ve bought something – it continues for as long as you need it. From industry leading warranties and exceptional after-sales service to products that are designed to last, Oak Tree is with you for as long as you need.

Made in Britain. Built for You

We are British to the core. Oak Tree was founded on the values of reliability, strength and integrity. All our bath lifts are proudly designed and manufactured here in Britain.

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