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Help and AdviceRise and Recline Chairs

Rise and Recline Chairs

Spread cost over time

9th October, 2023

Can I Pay for a Rise and Recliner Chair on Finance?

How does paying for a rise and recliner chair on finance work at Oak Tree Mobility?

Rise and Recline Chairs

Woman sitting on Rise and Recline Chair

27th September, 2023

What Recliner Chair Accessories Can Help With Comfort?

Recliner chairs offer a variety of benefits and features that can make them a popular choice for comfort and relaxation. What are they?

Rise and Recline Chairs

The Oak Rise and Recline Chair

22nd August, 2023

What are the Best Chairs for the Elderly?

In this article, we explore the benefits of Rise and Recline chairs for the elderly.

Rise and Recline Chairs

Woman sitting on Rise and Recline Chair

11th August, 2023

Are Recliner Chairs Bad for Your Back?

Are recliner chairs bad for your back? We share the positives and negatives of a recliner chair, as well as finding one that is right for you.

Rise and Recline Chairs

Mr Andres Testimonial

5th August, 2022

Mr Andrews Shares His Story

Mr Andrews' rise and recline chair has helped him to sit and stand with ease again. Learn all about him and how his chair made all the difference.

Rise and Recline Chairs

Man with Arthritis in arm

4th August, 2022

Help Osteoarthritis with a Rise and Recline Chair

You likely know that osteoarthritis is a disease endured by thousands of people in the UK every day. But did you know that the painful symptoms can be relieved through the use of a rise and recline chair?

Rise and Recline Chairs

Jack from TV advert dancing in living room

3rd August, 2022

Rise…with Oak Tree Mobility

On the back our new TV advert...rise, recline, relax...we look at the benefits of the 'rise' aspects of our products.

Rise and Recline Chairs

image of man in a leather manual recliner

27th July, 2022

What is a Manual Recliner?

How do they work, how long do they last and is it better to buy an electric recliner? Here's everything you need to know about manual recliners.

Rise and Recline Chairs

Woman sitting in living room on Rise and Recline Chair

5th March, 2020

Top Tips for Rise and Recline Chair Care

It is essential that you clean and care for your furniture regularly. Here are our top tips for looking after rise and recline chairs.

Rise and Recline Chairs

Couple sat in their Oak Tree rise and recline chair and sofa

2nd October, 2019

Can a Rise and Recline Chair Help Your Health?

There are a plethora of ways a rise and recline chair can benefit your health and wellbeing. Here at Oak Tree Mobility, our rise and recline chairs improve your quality of living, so you can live life without limits.

Rise and Recline Chairs

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