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22nd May, 2024

4 Ways a Morris & Co. Chair Brings a Space to Life

Discover how a Morris & Co. rise and recline chair can elevate your space.

Rise and Recline Chairs

Oak Tree adjustable bed

12th April, 2024

Adjustable Beds vs Regular Beds

We explore the benefits of adjustable beds vs regular beds to help you find your perfect night's sleep.

Adjustable Beds

Accessible Bedroom

27th March, 2024

13 Tips to Create a Senior-Friendly Bedroom

We dive into 13 tips to create a senior-friendly bedroom and the benefits that come with it.

Health and Wellbeing

The Oak 2-seater Reclining Sofa

14th March, 2024

Should You Get a 2 or 3-seater Sofa?

When faced with the decision between a cosy 2-seater or a 3-seater, what is the best option for you?

Rise and Recline Chairs

Tulip Sofa

28th February, 2024

Do Recliner Sofas Come Apart?

In this article, we explore the question ‘do recliner sofas come apart?’, keeping your sofa clean, and some of the benefits of a reclining sofa.

Rise and Recline Chairs

The State of Accessible Public Transport in the UK

22nd February, 2024

Assessing the State of Accessible Public Transport in the UK

One challenge elderly and disabled people face is easy access to public transport in the UK. Is our current transport system accessible for everyone?

Travel and Things To Do

Bathroom Grab Rail

15th February, 2024

How to Improve Bathroom Safety for the Elderly

A simple trip to the bathroom can pose potential risks. Here's improve bathroom safety for the elderly and the benefits of installing safety features.

Health and Wellbeing

Memory Foam Mattress

5th February, 2024

What is the Best Mattress for an Adjustable Bed?

Transform your well-being with the perfect mattress. Explore a variety of options for the restful night's sleep you truly deserve.

Adjustable Beds

Hospital bed

23rd January, 2024

Can I Get a Hospital Bed for Home Use?

As individuals seek alternatives to prolonged hospital stays or care in a familiar environment, we explore the advantages of having a hospital bed at home.

Health and Wellbeing

Ideal Home Show

17th January, 2024

We're Going to the Ideal Home Show!

We’re proud to have Ideal Home Show Approved status! Visit us in London at the Ideal Home Show 2024 to meet the team and try our range of products.

Travel and Things To Do

Woman in pain due to sitting position on chair

19th December, 2023

What Is the Best Position for Lower Back Pain?

Navigating the challenges of back pain can be more than just a hassle. But what is the best position for lower back pain?

Health and Wellbeing

Person on Wheelchair

12th December, 2023

Accessible Activities To Do This Winter

Planning an accessible trip or day out can be a challenge if you're someone who has limited mobility. We list a few of our best winter activities to do to steer away those winter blues.

Travel and Things To Do

Tog Duvet folded on a bed

7th December, 2023

What Tog Duvet for Winter

A comfortable mattress alone isn't enough for a restful night's sleep. Find out more on how you can choose the right tog duvet for a better night of sleep.

Adjustable Beds

Man resting his eyes, ready for a nap.

30th November, 2023

How Long Should a Nap Be?

How long should a nap be and what are the benefits of a nap? We explore the advantages of including naps into your daily routine.

Health and Wellbeing

Woman touching chest due to heartburn

15th November, 2023

How to Sleep With Acid Reflux

Whether acid reflux is a new condition for you or if you’re a long-term sufferer, here are a few easy solutions that can make a world of difference.

Health and Wellbeing

Adjustable bed

20th October, 2023

What are the Benefits of Adjustable Bed Financing?

Spread the cost of your Adjustable Bed with our available finance options.

Adjustable Beds

Spread cost over time

9th October, 2023

Can I Pay for a Rise and Recliner Chair on Finance?

How does paying for a rise and recliner chair on finance work at Oak Tree Mobility?

Rise and Recline Chairs

Helping Hand

9th October, 2023

How to Help Someone With Mobility Issues?

Mobility issues refer to those who have difficulties with their mobility. In this article, we will explore how you can help someone who may be struggling.

Health and Wellbeing

Woman sitting on Rise and Recline Chair

27th September, 2023

What Recliner Chair Accessories Can Help With Comfort?

Recliner chairs offer a variety of benefits and features that can make them a popular choice for comfort and relaxation. What are they?

Rise and Recline Chairs

Bed Sheet

12th September, 2023

Do You Need Special Sheets for Adjustable Beds?

Sleeping on a good mattress isn't just about comfort. Our Sleep Expert shares how you can get the most out of your sleep with the right mattress.

Adjustable Beds

Woman in bathtub bathing

30th August, 2023

The Benefits of Full Immersion Baths

We dive into the benefits of full immersion bathing and how it can help towards your physical and mental health.

Bath Lifts

The Oak

22nd August, 2023

What are the Best Chairs for the Elderly?

In this article, we explore the benefits of Rise and Recline chairs for the elderly.

Rise and Recline Chairs

Woman sitting on Rise and Recline Chair

11th August, 2023

Are Recliner Chairs Bad for Your Back?

Are recliner chairs bad for your back? We share the positives and negatives of a recliner chair, as well as finding one that is right for you.

Rise and Recline Chairs

Adjustable bed

26th July, 2023

What are the Advantages of Adjustable Beds for the Elderly?

Everything you need to know about the benefits of adjustable beds for the elderly.

Adjustable Beds

Image of our Warwrick double side on bed with bed rail.

14th July, 2023

Can You Have Bed Rails for Adjustable Beds?

What are the pros and cons of bed rails for adjustable beds?

Adjustable Beds

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