78 year old, Mrs Atkins from Herefordshire
78 year old, Mrs Atkins from Herefordshire

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am seventy eight. I’ve been married twice, and I’ve got five children, six grandchildren, and one great granddaughter.

Why did you choose Oak Tree?

We saw an advertisement for Oak Tree chairs and beds. We contacted the firm, and they sent someone to see us. He even brought a chair with him. We were only expecting to talk to him, but he had this chair with him, and when I tried it out it was so comfortable that I said I would have one. I had tried other chairs of that ilk before, but none of them had been as comfortable as the one he brought with him. The Oak Tree representative took my measurements and ordered a chair that was specifically for me.

How has your chair helped you?

When my chair came, it was absolutely wonderful to sit in. For the first time for ages, I felt really comfortable. When I knit or sew or do anything with my hands, I can have my feet at various levels and that’s really helpful. And then, sometimes in the afternoon when I feel tired, I can come in and lie on my chair and have a little doze. But the most useful thing that I have found about it is this: Because I sleep rather badly, I sometimes find myself awake at two, three, or four o’ clock in the morning and I am not able to go back to sleep. I come downstairs and lie on my chair with a nice cosy rug and I drift away into sleep. It’s absolutely wonderful!

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