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Part Exchange

When looking for a new chair or bed, an ongoing concern for many prospective customers is what to do with their existing furniture. Disposal can often be expensive and time consuming and tends to add to the burden of finding the right company to choose.

Exchange your old furniture for £250 off your Oak Tree Mobility Purchase

Thankfully, at Oak Tree Mobility we now offer an exclusive service that allows you to trade in whatever it is that needs replacing, at no charge whatsoever. In fact we are now offering our customers a minimum of £250 part exchange** for their existing items, regardless of the condition.

This will not necessarily need to be like for like, just whatever it is that needs replacing. If you feel your furniture may be of more value than £250 we will be happy to carry out a home assessment to see whether we can offer anything more.

** Trade-in offer cannot be used to purchase stairlifts or any stock items.

What happens to your old furniture?

When you trade in your old chair, sofa, or bed, we’ll collect it and donate it to the British Heart Foundation. They will then use it to raise money to fund their excellent work.