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Why are there no prices on our website?

People often ask us why there aren't any prices on our website or why we can't provide immediate quotes online or over the phone. The answer is simple: our chairs are made for you.

The reason our chairs are so comfortable and good for your posture and health is because they are precisely made to fit. We have already made thousands of chairs, but we don’t think any of them would be right for you as each chair we build is based on the customer’s size and are available with endless options.



Our chairs can be customised with a choice of:

  • Over 40 different fabrics and leather
  • 5 different chair styles
  • 3 motors
  • 3 different backs
  • 6 accessories

When you multiply all these options together – along with different warranty choices – there are more than 700,000 combinations. And that’s before we’ve even taken any measurements. Of course, we know you’d never need that many different chairs; you only need one. But that one must be perfect for you at a price that is right for you too.

As you can see, we aim to give you a chair that precisely matches your needs, made to fit with all the options that suit you and your home. We don’t think it would be fair on you if we guessed a price before we had taken measurements, shown you samples and fully assessed your requirements. If we guessed too low, you’d be annoyed if the final quote is higher. And if we guessed too high, you might be put off, especially when a few tweaks to the design could bring the chair back within your budget.

We don't think it would be fair on you if we guessed a price before we had taken measurements and fully assessed your requirements.

So why can other mobility companies show prices on their websites?

Companies that advertise with prices are able to do so because they offer stock chairs in standard sizes with limited or basic accessories.

They aren’t interested in finding you a chair that is perfect – for them, close enough is good enough. You won’t be able to choose your accessories and you’ll have very limited options in terms of size.

Why do you offer discounts? Shouldn't you just offer a flat price all year round?

Good question. Yes, we do offer discounts, as we can work to help reduce costs in certain circumstances.

When we give the price for one chair, it includes white-glove delivery and installation by a two-person team. If you order more than one chair – or a chair and a settee – delivering and installing gets cheaper and we can pass those savings onto you.

When we explain this, we’ve never met a customer who doesn’t approve!

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