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5 Reasons Why a Rise and Recline Chair Is Right for You

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15th January, 2024

The Maple Rise and Recline Chair

Do you often feel discomfort when you’re trying to get in and out for your favourite chair? Do you feel you need help getting out of your chair? Are you worried about losing your independence? If you answered yes to these questions you could benefit from a Rise and Recline Chair. Here are 5 reasons why a Rise and Recline Chair would benefit you.

1. I have trouble getting in and out of my chair without assistance and without pain.

If this is you, you may feel like you’re losing your independence because you need help getting in and out of your chair and the fact you’re in pain is just compounding the problem. To alleviate this, Rise and Recline Chairs rise at the touch of a button to meet you where you’re standing. Simply lean back and allow the chair to do the work for you by carefully lowering you down. This will allow you to remain independent for longer and will ease the pain you are experiencing.

2. I have been recommended by a doctor to elevate my legs while sitting because I have swollen legs and ankles.

This condition is caused by poor circulation and can be brought on by excessive sitting or standing. Poor circulation can also lead to skin breakdown. If you have a High Leg Lift Chair your legs will be lifted so that they are above the height of your heart allowing the blood to be pumped back to it. This will allow you to feel comfortable again.

3. I have joint pain and lower back pain

Whenever you sit or stand, the motion puts a strain on your lower back and your knee and hip joints. This could be painful when you are trying to get in or out of your chair. Furthermore, propping your feet up on a table or stool puts pressure on your ankles, creating joint pain there. To ease these pains, a Rise and Recline Chair takes the pressure off of your knees and back as it lowers you into a seated position and supports the full leg to alleviate ankle pain.

4. I want to sleep in my chair but I always end up with a cricked neck

Everyone loves an afternoon snooze in their favourite chair but if you’re not properly supported, you can end up with a cricked neck and joint pain. However, with a Rise and Recline Chair, you can recline back at the push of a button into a natural lying down position. The cushioned upholstery of a Rise and Recline Chair is specially designed to support your joints, back and neck for a longer period of time. Often Rise and Recline Chairs have a special head pillow to support your head, providing you with a comfortable sanctuary to nap without pain.

Elderly man rising out of a rise and recline chair.

5. I find my current chair uncomfortable

The problem with standard chairs is that they are made in a standard design. With our Rise and Recline Chairs, you can have them tailored to your exact fit and requirements, offering you the ultimate comfort in a chair. A standard chair also doesn’t give you the flexibility of a huge choice of sitting positions that maximise your comfort.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort sitting or standing you might find a comforting sanctuary in a Rise and Recline Chair.

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