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Are Recliner Chairs Bad for Your Back?

Munhil Imran

Munhil Imran

11th August, 2023

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Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Are recliner chairs bad for your back?’. Throughout this article, we will expand on this question, touching on the positives and negatives of a recliner chair, as well as finding one that is right for you. There are two types of recliner chairs you can purchase; a manual recliner or a power recliner chair. Both can be beneficial for those with back pain, but they may also come with some disadvantages. However, this all depends on the functions on both, how they are used and on the physical limitations of the person that is using them.

Why your recliner may hurt your back

The benefits of power recliners over manual recliners are significant and can offer many positives to those who have limited mobility. Although a manual recliner has its advantages of being simple to use, lightweight and cost effective; it only offers you two seating positions and this can be a huge disadvantage for those with back or circulation problems. If your manual recliner doesn’t comfortably support your back, it may be time to give up your manual recliner and opt for an electric recliner, where it’s easier to adjust your chair to a more suited position for your back and the various other health benefits that come with it. Want to know why your recliner may hurt your back? It could be because you just haven’t found the right chair for you yet. 

At Oak Tree, our recliner chairs are customisable and made-to-fit to your unique measurements. Our chairs are available with a choice of 3 different motors that are simple and easy to control. If you’re suffering from back problems, a rise and recline chair means you don’t have to strain your back when getting in and out of your chair and can help relieve pain for many other health issues. Read our article here where we touch on how a rise and recline chair can help your health.

X-Ray highlighting lumbar region

How do you know if your recliner has sufficient lumbar support?

Lumbar support is important for you to maintain your natural posture when you’re sitting, especially when you’re tired or in pain. Maintaining the correct posture can be hard, so having the right chair to support and position your body can avoid any discomfort or back pain. So how do you know if your recliner has sufficient lumbar support? 

Lumbar curve

To check if your recliner chair has sufficient lumbar support, your chair should have a natural curve for the lower back area. This will ensure proper alignment and reduce any pressure on your lower back.


When seated, your body against the backrest should maining its natural S-shaped curve. If the recliner pushes your lower back to move too far forward, this can lead to slouching and putting pressure on your lumbar area.

Reclining position

Your chair should allow you to recline in different angles to help spread your weight more evenly. This will help reduce any pressure on your lumbar spine, so it’s important that the right reclining position is considered.

Finding a recliner chair that’s right for your body

At Oak Tree, our rise and recline chairs help to keep you independent in your own home and we pride ourselves in finding a recliner chair that’s right for you and your body. With our unique-high-leg lift, this allows you to explore the amazing benefits, where you’re relieved of any aches and pains to maintain your mobility. As mentioned before, our chairs are custom built to your unique needs and we ensure the quality of our products are long lasting.

So are recliner chairs bad for your back? Overall, recliner chairs seem to be proven as more beneficial for your health, rather than the opposite - you just need to find the right one. Read our article here, where we also talk about how a rise and recline chair can provide great benefits to your health. At Oak Tree, we will help you find the right one from start to finish. Arrange a home appointment where one of our expert consultants will get to know you and your requirements, so they can recommend the chair that will bring you the most benefits. Our experts are here to help you customise your chair and make it completely your own.

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