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Rise and Recline Chairs

Help Osteoarthritis with a Rise and Recline Chair

Emily Trix Carver

Emily Carhan

4th August, 2022

Man with Arthritis in arm

Help Osteoarthritis with a Rise and Recline Chair

Osteoarthritis, a condition that causes inflammation and pain in the joints, currently affects around 10 million people in the UK. Unfortunately there is currently no known cure for this painful condition. However, there are a number of treatments that can lessen the symptoms and make it easier to live with.

One way to help reduce arthritic pain is through the use of recliner chairs, which can provide medical benefits by offering support to the joints. Rise and recline chairs especially can help by greatly simplifying the movements that cause pain, such as rising from and sitting down in a chair. By rising and tilting forward gently, rise and recline chairs help one to sit or stand much more easily.

Rise and recline chairs are available with a host of accessories that can relieve pain in other ways. Many modern chairs of this kind can be built with massage and heat packages that are especially good at reducing or even completely removing joint pains. And chairs with a high leg lift take your feet six inches above the level of your hips, providing relief to the joints and improving circulation much more than other chairs without this feature.

Rise and recline chairs have the advantage of helping all of your body. Swelling can be reduced in the ankle and feet joints, as well as those in the back, neck, head, hips, and knees. And if you find yourself struggling to get into and up from a standard seat without assistance or find that doing so causes you aggravation or discomfort, a rise and recline model could help restore your independence and make your home more comfortable.

Today, buying a recliner chair is remarkably simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Companies like Oak Tree Mobility know who their customers are and go to great lengths to accommodate them. They will let you try a chair in your home and take you through all the decisions for your purchase.

Joint pain affects different people in different ways. Some might experience mild stiffness, but others might have severe pain. Lifestyle changes are usually recommended to help osteoarthritis, and a recliner chair is an affordable way to make big differences at home.

Oak Tree Mobility provides reclining chairs and electric adjustable beds that could help you reduce osteoarthritis and swelling of the joints.

Dear Oak Tree,&nbsp;<br>My husband and I decided we didn't want a party for our Diamond Wedding. We were going to have a few days away with our friends Maureen and Sandy (Maureen had been our bridesmaid). Now, the big question was, what were we going to buy each other? After sixty years we had everything we needed. But then the penny dropped! How about two recliner chairs? We called Oak Tree. A very nice man came and gave us a demonstration and we said yes. Neither of us has regretted our decision. They are so comfortable and easy to manage. Our afternoon naps are great in them! Thank you so much Oak Tree.

Mr and Mrs E. G. Lovering

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