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All Oak Tree Mobility products are approved by Samantha Shann, occupational therapist and co-founder of UK Therapy Services. Samantha’s work with us means you can rest assured that your Oak Tree products satisfy the high standards of an independent health professional. Indeed, by working closely with Samantha and UK Therapy Services, we ensure that every product we build provides the comfort and support you need.

Samantha also supports and guides our consultants, making sure they are fully trained to understand good posture, correct seating position, and supportive transfer in and out of a chairs, beds, and stairlifts. This means they are in the best possible position to help you choose a product that will keep you comfortable for years to come.

“Oak Tree’s products can help people make day-to-day life easier. They can help people to sit more comfortably and lie more comfortably to get a better night’s sleep because they are better supported. Too much standing or sitting can lead to poor circulation, and what’s recommended is that we raise our legs. Oak Tree’s chairs raise the legs up, which helps pump the blood back to the heart. Oak Tree Mobility chairs also give good support to the lower back, knees, and ankle joints and help people sit in a comfortable position. What I also love about Oak Tree Mobility is their excellent customer care – and the quality of their products is amazing.”
Samantha Shann, 2016

Say Hello to Samantha Shann

To give you a better idea of who Samantha is and what she does, we have put together the video below.

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