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Adjustable Bed Add-Ons: More Than Just a Bed

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4th July, 2019

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Traditionally, when you buy a bed you might be thinking about the three components: a mattress, a headboard and a base. But our adjustable beds are so much more than this.

Why settle for a standard bed when you can get more out of an adjustable bed? What's more, you can also choose from our selection of bed add-ons to make your bed provide for your every need.

Why is an adjustable bed better than a standard bed?

Do you find that you struggle to get in and out of bed without assistance? This could be a minor problem or an increasingly difficult one, especially if you live alone. The amazing thing about an adjustable bed is that, at the touch of a button, the bed will raise your back from a lying to a sitting position. This will enable you to easily get in and out of bed without assistance.

Do you wake up with aches and pains while sleeping on a standard bed? If this is something you struggle with, you aren’t alone. People aren’t supposed to sleep completely flat. This is because we have gaps under our knees, the lumbar region of our lower back and our neck. These areas, if not properly supported while we sleep, can end up feeling sore when we wake up. This is why we sometimes wake up with a stiff neck. The way an adjustable bed can help is by putting you in a semi-contoured position that mimics the natural shape of your body and provides the perfect sleeping position. This way, your joints and muscles are completely supported, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.

Do you experience problems with your circulation or do you have swollen ankles? Sometimes, if you’re experiencing swollen ankles or poor circulation, the GP might recommend that you raise your legs while you sleep. Instead of using extra pillows, which don’t actually support your legs and ankles very well, why not let your bed do the work for you? Using the remote, simply press the button to raise your legs. This position allows your body to pump blood more efficiently, relieving your swollen ankles.

What add-ons can I get to make my adjustable bed provide exactly what I need?

In other words, how can we make your adjustable bed even more fantastic than it already is? The benefits above apply to a standard adjustable bed without add-ons, but you can select a number of our add-on accessories to tailor your bed to your specific needs.

What accessories can I add to my electric adjustable bed?

Divan Drawers

Divan Drawers

The essential to any divan. When storage space is scarce, optimise your bedroom space by using the divan as a storage facilitator. If you do opt for the divan option bed base, instead of the raised-footed base, you might want to consider your options for storage. All our divan beds can be tailored to have any combination of draw storage so you can optimise your bedroom space.

Five and Ten Motor Massage System

The ultimate add-on of luxury. Bring that spa feeling into your own home and make your bed the destination of serenity and relaxation with our inbuilt massage system. We cannot stress enough how beneficial massages are; they reinvigorate your mental state by helping reduce depression and anxiety and they relax all your muscles, which helps a number of physical health ailments including digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia, strains and injuries, joint injuries and arthritis, a poor immune system, blood circulation problems, bad posture, asthma, Oedema and countless others.

You can choose a massage wand that provides a five- or ten-point massage system. Simply lay down, press the button and drift off in serene bliss. Our customers have said that they fall asleep instantly using the massage add-on with their adjustable bed. However, you might be worried about leaving it on all night. Fear not! You can set your Massage System on a timer to turn itself off after however long you want.

Grab Rails

Grab Rails

An adjustable bed can help you get in and out of bed by yourself, but sometimes you might need extra help, especially if you live by yourself and you feel like you need that extra bit of security. If this is you, then a grab rail could be a really useful addition to your adjustable bed. With it, you’ll have that extra support for getting in and out of bed, helping you regain your independence.

Mattress Protector Covers

Mattress Protector Covers

We all fall foul of a few tips and spills in our daily lives, but you really don’t want them on your brand-new adjustable mattress. Mattress protectors elongate the life of your mattress by creating a barrier between your mattress and spills, dust and unwanted bed bugs. Our mattress protector covers are available as fitted sheets or as permanent waterproof covers.

Cot Sides

If you’ve ever fallen out of bed, you’ll know how upsetting and unsettling it can be. It can knock your confidence and even make you fearful of falling asleep. A Cot-Side could be the solution to give you back your peace and security. Made of chrome plated steel, this sturdy rail will securely contain you in the bed area.

Alternate Bed Colours

Mix and match fabrics to create the perfect bed for you. We understand that your interior is unique to you and you want a bed that matches your bedroom. That’s why we offer a full range of fabrics and designs to complement your adjustable bed and bedroom.

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