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The Benefits of Full Immersion Baths

Munhil Imran

Munhil Imran

30th August, 2023

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The benefits of full immersion baths are endless. After all, baths are known to positively improve your mental and physical health. However, if your mobility has changed, you may find it difficult to comfortably get in and out of the bathtub or enjoy the advantages that full immersion bathing can give. In this article, we will expand on the health benefits of full immersion bathing and how it may help those wanting to regain their independence.

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Health benefits of a full immersion bath

The health benefits of a full immersion bath can help individuals with their pain relief, muscle relaxation and blood circulation - as well as helping to relieve discomfort and stress. Here is a list of ways in which a full immersion bath can also help:

Pain relief

Warm water stimulates the blood flow to stiff muscles and joints, easing various types of pain. This is beneficial for individuals who may be suffering from arthritis, joint pain or stiffness. 

Muscle relaxation

Being fully submerged in the water can relax your muscles and ease any tension your body may be enduring. This can help with improving the flexibility of the muscles and reduce spasms for individuals who may be suffering from back pain, muscle strains or fibromyalgia.

Blood circulation

Warm water can improve your overall blood circulation as it causes your blood vessels to dilate. The dilation reduces the resistance to blood flow, therefore, making it easier for blood to circulate throughout the body.


Fully immersing yourself with a bath before bed is one of the best ways to relax and have a restful night's sleep. In one of our articles, our very own Sleep Expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, dives into the benefits of bathing and the many positives it can bring to improve your sleep.

Older woman sleeping comfortably

Regain your independence

In general, bathing is seen to be a form of relaxation, where you can truly soak in its therapeutic benefits and have some time alone. However, for some, getting in and out of the bath may be a challenge as well as comfortably having some alone time. This often applies to those who have mobility, balance issues or disabilities and may require bath aids to help. So what are the ways in which a full immersion bath can help regain your independence?

Self-care and hygiene

Full immersion bathing allows individuals to maintain personal hygiene independently. For some, specially designed baths or equipment like bath lifts can facilitate self-care and regain your independence. 

Privacy and dignity

Bathing in private is important for any individual. It helps you maintain your dignity and independence - and allows you to take care of personal needs without assistance from others. For those who have limited mobility, bath aids are highly important in helping to improve self-esteem, confidence and independence. 

Physical and emotional well-being

Full immersion bathing is beneficial for those who want to improve their physical and emotional well-being. Baths provide you a perfect sanctuary, where you can take time for yourself, away from any distractions. Offering you the opportunity for better self-care and self-reflection. Taking regular baths for someone who has mobility limitations can have its challenges. However, it can be an empowering activity which helps towards your sense of independence and self-worth.  

Overall, there are many advantages to having a full immersion bath. At Oak Tree, we can offer you an easier way to bathe. Our bath lift is an excellent solution, designed to provide comfortable bathing experiences, along with the added advantages of quicker and safer transfers and improvement to your mental and physical health. Our bath lift can help you regain the confidence you’ve been missing.

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