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What are the Advantages of Bath Lifts for the Elderly?

Emily Trix Carver

Emily Carhan

13th June, 2023

Lady sat on edge of bath about to use an Oak Tree bath lift

Whilst anyone with limited mobility can benefit from a bath lift, we are often asked specifically “what are the advantages of bath lifts for the elderly?”. With age, it is common to experience changes in mobility and new limitations. It is also common to find it more difficult to balance as you get older. This can lead to finding, the tasks that have always been easy or even second nature, become more difficult and even unsafe. For example, daily bathing is routine to us all, however, it can become a challenge if it no longer feels safe to transfer in and out of your shower or bath. 

A bath lift is a great solution for many, as it’s a simple, cost-effective and unobtrusive way to make your bathroom feel safer. So what are the advantages of bath lifts for the elderly? Here are our top 5. 

Reclaim Your Independence

With a bath lift, you’ll be able to get in and out of the bathtub independently, just as you always have done. People with mobility issues may find that they now need the support of a loved one or carer to help them bathe, which we understand is a private and intimate time. A bath lift means you can stay in control and bathe independently whenever you wish. 


Bath lifts are quick to install and a great value option when it comes to finding a mobility solution for your bathroom. Whereas installing a walk-in bath or renovating your bathroom altogether is a long and expensive process - a bath lift can be affixed to your current tub just as it is. With Oak Tree, we can install your bath lift at no added cost in under two hours. 

Increased Safety

If bathing has begun to feel unsafe, it may begin to impact your quality of life. Suddenly maintaining personal hygiene can start to feel quite stressful for fear of falling or slipping. The ultra-strong belt on an Oak Tree bath lift has a 20-stone weight limit, giving you peace of mind that you are safe and supported during your bath. 


With a bath lift, you’re able to sit right at the bottom of the bathtub, meaning that you can enjoy a proper soak and scrub. The belt of the bath lift is easy to wipe clean between uses. 

Supports Aches and Pains

There’s nothing like a bath to ease into your morning, or to help you unwind at the end of the day. Unlike clunky bath seats, you’re able to experience the same comfort of relaxing at the base of your bath, just as you always have done. This means that you can make the most of resting your joints or aching muscles in the tub. 

Simple to Use

Using a bath lift couldn’t be easier. It’s as simple as sitting on the belt and pressing a button up or down. You can control your bath lift from the unit, or, if you prefer you can operate it from the floating and waterproof remote. You’re in control every step of the way. 


What is a bath lift?

You may be familiar with walk-in baths, but what is a bath lift? A bath lift is a popular mobility aid that supports people who have limited mobility and struggle to bathe safely and independently. Unlike bath seats or other bathing devices, a bath lift supports you to sit at the base of your bath - just like you normally would. 


What is a bath lift and what does it consist of? Simply put, it consists of a wall unit, a belt and a floor fixture. The belt extends from the wall unit and is anchored into the floor fixture. When ready for use, the bath belt should be taut across the bath. When you’re ready, sit on the edge of the bath, pop your feet in and slide yourself to the centre of the belt. Then you can use the remote to lower or raise from the bath. The belt can be retracted when not in use. 

Who would benefit from a bath lift?

Regular bathing has great benefits. Not only is it beneficial for maintaining general hygiene, but it can even help to support pain relief or promote deeper sleep

Whilst we may be understanding of the advantages of bath lifts for the elderly, it’s not just older people who find them useful. There are many people who would benefit from a bath lift, either for themselves or even to help support a loved one or a patient.  

Limited mobility

In addition to age, there are many other reasons that someone may have limited mobility. Conditions such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis or muscular dystrophy can make it difficult to lower in and out of the bathtub safely and unassisted. A bath lift is able to assist them in bathing independently. 

Recovering from surgery

While recovering from an injury or surgery, people may find it difficult to bear weight or need to avoid any straining. A bath lift removes the need for any straining or stress on the body. 

Balance disorders

People with balance disorders such as labyrinthitis or Ménière's disease may find it difficult and dangerous on hard and slippery surfaces in the bathroom. A bath lift is able to help reduce the risk of falling, giving them a secure way to bathe. 


A bath lift may also be helpful for caregivers who assist with bathing. A bath lift can relieve physical strain during transfers, which removes the risk of injury for both the caregiver and the person receiving care. 

Older people

Did you know that the bathroom is statistically the second most likely place that older people could suffer from a fall at home? With older age, it is common to experience reduced flexibility, strength and balance, which can make it challenging to manoeuvre in potentially slippery spaces - such as the bathroom. A bath lift can provide safety, security and stability which supports independence for older people. This means that even as mobility may change with age, older people are still able to bathe independently and maintain their personal hygiene with dignity. 



For those considering what are the advantages of bath lifts for the elderly, we hope that this article has been helpful.

Prior to selecting a bath lift, it’s important to know that it is the right solution for you. This is why we would recommend a home demonstration appointment, so that you can try the mechanism at home and feel confident before you purchase. You will also have the opportunity to check specifications and to ensure that it is possible to install a bath lift into your home. 

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