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February in the Garden

Emily Trix Carver

Emily Carhan

3rd August, 2022

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February in the Garden

With springtime and the key growing season just around the corner, February is the perfect time to get everything organised and ready to go. And there’s still plenty of planting you can do too, if you’re itching to get stuck in!

Clean, tidy and prepare

Check over your tools and garden equipment and give them a clean-up if needed. Wash down your pots and planters so they’re looking good and ready to go.

Clear and rake ground ready for hardy annuals. Add organic fertiliser to your borders in accordance with packet instructions.

If you’re thinking of growing your own veg, get seed beds ready by weeding, adding compost and then covering to keep warm with fleece or black polythene. It’s the perfect time to start chitting the first potatoes too – if they’re on your grow list!

Got lots of seed packets waiting in the wings? Take some time to organise them by the month they need to be sown in. Use a ring binder with punched pockets, or simply store in labelled envelopes.

Prune and weed

Steal a march on pesky weeds before the weather warms up and they grow at a rate of knots. Dig them up at the root if you can.

Cut back ivy and other climbing vines to they don’t start to get in the way of your windows and guttering. Prune climbing roses too – as well as their bushier cousins.

Trim privet hedges and other deciduous hedges – it’s best to do it now before any birds build nests there.

It’s a key pruning time for many plants including Buddleia, Clematis, Hydrangea Wisteria, Winter Jasmine, Hydrangea and evergreen shrubs. Old foliage on ornamental grasses should be clipped back to just a few centimetres.

Nurture spring blooms

If you’ve got green snowdrop shoots peeking through, you can move them before they flower, and divide them up to create more plants.

For a bit of instant early colour you can plant some containers with hardy spring bedding plants such as forget-me-nots and; primrose and crocus are a great choice as they provide food for any early bees.

Bulbs for summer colour

While spring bulbs should have been planted back in autumn, you can now plant summer-flowering bulbs (once you think the risk of frost has passed). Dahlia, Lilies, Agapanthus and Aliums will all create a wonderfully showy display. Plant them where the soil is light and well-drained, or failing that, in containers.

Window-sill seed sowing

While it’s still too cold out for sowing most seeds, a sunny window sill is perfect for starting some plants from seed. Sweet peas can be started in cardboard tubes then planted out, biodegradable pot and all. Likewise, you can start tomatoes off on a warm windowsill in pots or trays.

Other jobs

It’s a lovely time for a spot of planning and shopping! Get yourself some catalogues and choose what you’d like to plant in the spring.

If you don’t already have one, think about having a water-butt installed now so you’re prepared for a hot summer and potential hose pipe bans!

And last but by no means least, don’t forget to feed the birds; fat balls will keep them well-nourished through the cold weather.

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