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What is Rotunda Equipment?

Emily Trix Carver

Emily Carhan

3rd May, 2022


What is Rotunda Equipment?

You are unlikely to spot the Rotunda outside of the home or care setting, so you may be wondering 'what is Rotunda equipment?'.

Rotunda equipment is one of the most popular choices of aids for the elderly, as it provides a safe and efficient solution for transfers.

The Rotunda is a hand-operated transfer aid featuring a steel curved support frame for patients to hold onto and a rotating non-slip disc for patients to place their feet on during transfer. The Rotunda is designed specifically for seat to seat transfers and to reduce the risk of injury or falling.

What is a Rotunda Used for?

A Rotunda mobility aid is used to help patients and carers alike with safe transfer from seat to seat or wheelchair, bed, mobility scooter, commode or other aid. The ease of transfer offered by the Rotunda supports patients’ independence and maximises dignity. The Rotunda is particularly ideal for patients who are able to support their body weight to some degree.

The Rotunda mobility aid not only reduces the risk of injury for patients but also for carers. Many carers are at risk of suffering from back pain if they are frequently lifting and assisting patients with transfers, which can place undue pressure on muscles and joints. The Rotunda mobility aid is unique as it eliminates the need for lifting patients, creating a safe experience for all.

The Rotunda transfer aid is popular in care settings as it can be operated by just one carer with appropriate risk assessments taken. In busy and demanding settings like care homes and hospitals, the Rotunda allows carers to work more efficiently and attend to a higher volume of patients.

How a Rotunda is Used

Rotunda moving and handling equipment is simple and safe to use with proper risk assessment and training.

Prior to starting, it is important to communicate and give clear directions to the patient when utilising the Rotunda stand aid, ensuring both parties understand how to use the equipment safely. It is also essential that an assessment of the patient’s ability to bear weight has been completed.

Before using the Rotunda, lock any wheelchairs or commodes to stop the wheels from moving as the patient is lowering. The Rotunda equipment should feature wheels to transport the equipment, although it is important to note that the Rotunda must not be wheeled with a patient on the turntable.

Step One

Ask the patient to place their feet onto the turntable anti-slip mat. There are often footprint shapes on the turntable to demonstrate exact foot placement.

Step Two

The patient places their hands onto the handle grip area and can now be assisted to a standing position.

Step Three

Lift the safety lock (this can vary from model to model) and gently rotate the turntable to the correct position in front of the patient’s new seat.

Step Four

Lower the safety lock and support the patient to be lowered to a seated position.

The standard Rotunda transfer platform is suitable for most patients, however, there are height adjustable or wider platforms available should you require them. A healthcare professional should be able to advise on the best solutions for your unique mobility needs.

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