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Our Chair Back Styles Explained

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4th January, 2024


We know how important it is for your new rise and recline chair to be just perfect. It needs to be able to support your whole body and provide you with ultimate comfort for years to come.

We also understand that how the chair looks in your living space is essential. This is why we’ve created a number of the different chair back styles to suit your needs, style, taste and interior.

These backs offer different levels of support, keep this in mind when making your decision. Each person will require a different amount of back support. The best way to know which style suits your posture is to try it out first.

Need more information about the different chair backs? Then, keep reading!

The Waterfall Back

Waterfall back

The Waterfall back is our bestselling back and for very good reasons. It’s the perfect option for people who suffer from sore pressure points or curvature in the spine. The special way that it is designed relieves pain and fully supports the back, neck and lumbar region.

The way it works:

The sophisticated and adaptable design gives you the flexibility to adjust this chair to your desired comfort level.

The Waterfall Back is made up of three separate pillows full of fibre stuffing. These three pillows are designed to support the lumber, back and neck region. When a chair has a flat back, it doesn’t match the natural curves of your back. However, with the curved design of the three cushions, they fill the gap above your tail bone, the inward curve of your spine and the curve of your neck, therefore supporting and maintaining the natural shape of your body.

The beauty of the Waterfall Back design is that the cushions are attached by Velcro. The benefit of this is that if you feel the need to adjust the comfort level of the back of your chair you can detach the cushions, un-zip them and add or remove stuffing as you see fit. This means that your chair can be totally tailored to your needs, desires and comfort level.

As well as the Waterfall Back being ideal for supporting your back, the style has a classic, neutral feel. It’s neither overly traditional nor super modern. Therefore, this design could match any interior. Another reason why the Waterfall Back is our bestseller.

The Lateral Back

Lateral Back

The Lateral Back design caters for people with very specific needs, like needing extra support on your sides. If this is you, this chair back is your perfect solution.

This design is made up of four pillows. This includes two back pillows, one to support the natural curve of the neck and one to support and give comfort to your back.

The thing that makes this style unique is the vertical side pillows. These are specially designed to give added side support. You might need this extra support if you’re very slender and petite or if you suffer from Parkinson’s Disease you might need extra support to hold you more steady and securely.

Like the Waterfall Back, the Lateral Back’s pillows are also held on by Velcro so that you can access the stuffing via a zip to add or remove the fibres as you see fit. Additionally, the head pillow is held on with a zip to hold it in place.

This design can also be adapted to blend in with any interior. The simple design is functional and would perfectly compliment a traditional or modern interior.

Button Back

Button back

The Button Back gives you that classic look that you know and love in a comfy chair. If you have a more traditionally designed interior the Button Back will perfectly fit with the feel of your home.

This back is characteristically firm. If you need firm support or you need to have more of a straight sitting position this back is perfect for you.

The design consists of that classic multiple button look and fibre stuffing inside. There are zips at the top and bottom of the back to hold the back in place, but this also means you have the flexibility of adjusting the placement of the back.

Please note that when you’re making your decision as to which chair collection you want to go for these three chair backs are only available in the Oak Collection, Rowan Collection and Cedar Collection.

Maple Back

The Maple

The Maple Back style is only available with the Maple Collection chairs. The modern design is simple and sleek. It consists of a single split in the centre of the back.

This simple stitch allows for lots of padding making this chair back super thick, comfortable and supportive. There is a sturdy zip at the top to hold the back in place and a zip at the bottom to have easy access to the stuffing. Having access to the stuffing means you can add or remove the fibres to suit your needs.

The Maple Back works at its best in leather. This means that this chair will blend perfectly in a modern home and a modern interior.

Tulip Back


Similarly, to the Maple Back, the Tulip Back is only available with the Tulip collection chairs. The Tulip collection has a contemporary design and with a modern feel.

The design consists of two central buttons and stitching dividing the back into six panels. Therefore, as well as a super comfy and supportive back the Tulip back offers a sleek look that is perfect for modern home and contemporary interior.

The Tulip back is held securely in place with a zip at the top of the cushion. There is also a zip up the back so you can have access to the stuffing. This gives you the flexibility to adjust your chair to exactly suit your needs and comfort, by adding or taking away the stuffing.

All our chairs provide comfort and support but each chair back provides support for different requirements. This is why it’s important to think about your specific needs so we can match you with the perfect chair back and therefore, the perfect rise and recline chair to give you the support and comfort you need for years to come.

In order to find out which back is right for you, you might want to try them out for yourself. We think trying out chairs before you buy them is so important to find the one that is exactly right for your body shape and requirements.

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