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Relieve Your COPD With an Adjustable Bed

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18th December, 2023


Are you tired of waking up gasping for breath? Do you find it impossible to get comfortable at night?

If you suffer from COPD, you’re probably used to sleepless nights. You might have tried propping your head up on as many pillows as possible, or even sleeping in a chair to help you breathe.

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It can affect every aspect of your daily life. And lying down often makes the problem worse.

But there is a solution. An adjustable bed could help you breathe easier and get the sleep you need to enjoy life again.

What is COPD?

COPD covers a group of lung conditions that make breathing increasingly more difficult. These include emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

The main symptoms are breathlessness, a chesty cough, frequent chest infections, and wheezing. All of these can make getting enough sleep feel impossible.

Man using inhaler to breath

You could have COPD and not even know it. It develops slowly over the years and the symptoms get worse over time.

If you do have the condition, you might also experience flare ups. This is when your symptoms suddenly become more severe. Your breathing gets worse and you cough more. It’s particularly common to have flare-ups in winter, as the weather gets colder.

How could an adjustable bed relieve my COPD?

The good news is, there are things you can do to ease your symptoms. Medication such as inhalers can make it easier to breathe. If you smoke, stopping smoking can prevent further damage to your lungs.

But you might still need a bit of help, especially at night. An adjustable bed could be just the ticket.

Just imagine you’re having a flare up of your symptoms. You can’t get comfortable, your chest feels congested, and your breathing is ragged.

Now imagine you’re in a bed that allows you to elevate your head and neck as high as you need, at the touch of a button. All without the need for endless pillows that move around constantly. And on nights when your breathing is better, you can lower yourself back down again.

But it’s not just about comfort. If you have COPD, you’re at an increased risk of developing pneumonia. Pneumonia can be life-threatening – but an adjustable bed can help prevent it.

Adjustable bed

Samantha Shann, an occupational therapist and co-founder of UK Therapy Services Ltd, explains the benefits of sleeping at an elevated angle.

Preventing pneumonia with an adjustable bed

Samantha says: “When the chest area is elevated, fluid building up through the night is gathered at the bottom rather than spread out throughout the lung.  This allows you to maximise lung capacity and cough with enough force to move remaining fluid.

“In addition, lying flat increases pressure on the chest cavity, effectively forcing it to fight downward pressure to get the chest to rise and fall efficiently.  Sleeping at an angled position reduces that pressure and allows the chest to rise and fall more freely.

OT and patient

Sleeping at an angle reduces pressure on the chest cavity, helping you breathe more easily. All of our beds are approved by an independent occupational therapist.

“This reduced effort and more restful sleep empowers you to maximise your functional independence the following morning which typically is the most challenging time for someone with a COPD diagnosis.

“Waking up less short of breath enables you to be more likely to get washed and dressed independently, or with reduced assistance, to make breakfast and prepare for the day ahead.”

How can Oak Tree Mobility help?

The right adjustable bed can make the world of difference. But the wrong one could leave you aching all over.

Our adjustable beds are truly special. Each bed is made to fit your own unique measurements. This means your bed will suit you perfectly.

What’s more, you can adjust the bed in five different places: the head, back, bottom, knees, and feet. So you can find your ideal position. Whether that’s sleeping with your head slightly raised, lying completely flat, or even sitting up with your back supported.

To find out more about how an adjustable bed could give you your life back, request your complimentary brochure or call us free and ask about how an Oak Tree bed could help ease your COPD.

It’s not just about improving the quality of your sleep. It’s about improving your quality of life, too. So give us a call or request your free brochure today!

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