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6 Perfect Places To Put Your Rise and Recline Chair

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4th January, 2024

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Deciding where to put your new rise and recline chair is an exciting prospect but also daunting, especially if you have limited space, a small home or other furniture to fit around.

Mobility chairs can be bulky and when they are reclined out fully they do take up some space. But don’t worry! We’ve got some delightful interior design inspiration and space-saving ideas so you can get the comfort and support you deserve from your new rise and recline chair for the long term in your home.

1. In the living room

Putting your brand-new recliner armchair in the living room is the obvious choice. It’s the heart of the home. With a rise and recline chair in your living room, you can sit back and relax with your family with all the comfort and support that you need.

However, some people might not have a large living room compared to others and to fit a rise and recline chair you may need to adapt your space. Here are some storage ideas to get you going…

  • Put up some shelves for extra storage space. If you have a lack of floor space, start thinking about wall space. They expand your room and give you more surface area to work with.
  • Have a rearrange. A great way to maximise space in your living room to get ready for the arrival of your rise and recline chair is to try moving furniture around. You’ll be surprised how much space you have if you moved your sofa from the middle of the room into the corner or edge.
  • Multi-purpose furniture. Double up your stools as mini side tables.
  • Have a cleanout. The most obvious way of clearing out space is to have a sort through and give stuff away to charity or if it’s not usable be sure to recycle it.

2. By the fire

The crackle of the fire, the warming glow, the cosy feeling: this is the perfect spot for your new rise and recline chair if you’re lucky enough to have one. If you have an electric fire you can also put it by this as well.

Did you know that if you have sore joints heat can help relax the muscles which help ease the pain? Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have fires to warm up by. However, if you buy a riser recliner chair form Oak Tree you can add heat to your chair. That’s right, you don’t need a fire to warm your joints.

3. In front of the TV

This is the ultimate comfort place. After a long day, there’s nothing like resting in your rise and recline chair, with your feet up, watching your favourite show. But what if your TV takes up loads of room in your living room?

The simplest way to save space in the TV area is to get rid of the TV stand and mount your TV on the wall. A wall-mounted TV will give you plenty of room for your new rise and recline chair. Just sit back and relax, with all the support and comfort your body needs.

4. In the conservatory

Some of you might want to enjoy your rise and recline chair in the comfort of your conservatory if you’re lucky enough to have one. The conservatory is a room that offers a calm sanctuary to relax in, so why not put your new rise and recline chair in your “me-time” spot.

To make your conservatory even cosier why not try these space-saving tips:

  • Don’t overload on furniture, leave lots of space for your rise and recline chair.
  • Don’t forget colourful and comfy cushions to make your own little “me-time” space.
  • Move those dirty outdoor shoes on to a rack, it helps make the space comforting and homely.
  • Make sure there is plenty of storage. Inevitably there will be things to store, so invest in a hollow bench or window seat which is an excellent storage solution, so that your rise and recline chair can be in an uncluttered space.
  • Add plants to create a relaxing oasis.
  • A small conservatory has the danger of feeling claustrophobic at night and in winter. Avoid this by choosing pale colours for the walls and floor, a washed oak would work well as it still gives you a cosy, warm finish. Also, add lots of lighting at different levels using lamps and candles.

Having a conservatory takes the pressure off the living room and has a space-saving quality all by itself.

5. In the study

We all need those study breaks. If you place your rise and recline chair in your study or home office you can take breaks in your favourite chair. Let it be the perfect place for some “me-time”.

6. In the reading corner

Oak Tree rise and recliners are perfect book buddies. Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book in their reading corner? Place your new rise and recline chair next to your bookshelf for the best escape getaway in the house.

You can read your books in comfort. Our rise and recline chairs will fully support your whole body while you read. They will even help you get out of your chair once you’ve finished reading.

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