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5 Benefits of a High Leg Lift Rise and Recline Chair

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18th December, 2023

The Oak Rise and Recline Chair

What is a high-leg lift rise and recline chair?

Our high-leg lift rise and recline chair contains our most popular motor. This motor provides the best beneficial sitting position that you can get. In essence, it raises your legs 6” higher than your hips and in-line with your heart.

This rise and recline chair only has one motor, some might say that this was less adaptable than a chair that has separate controls for the back and footrest. However, with one motor, it ensures that when the backrest reclines the leg rest elevates at the same time which keeps you at a natural 90-degree angle.

There are several health benefits to a rise and recline chair with this particular motor, read on to find out more…

1.Improves circulation

Blood circulation

Improving circulation is one of the main benefits of our high-leg lift motor. The fact that the chair lifts your legs above your hips and in line with your heart means it is ideal for aiding problems with circulation. As time goes on your capillaries wear out over time and it becomes harder for your heart to pump blood. This can result in ailments such as swollen ankles, legs and feet to a lack of blood in your extremities like Raynaud’s.

If you have heart problems like heart disease, chest pain, angina or have suffered from a heart attack, a rise and recline chair can help make circulation easier for your body. It works because by raising your ankles in line with your heart, it takes the pressure off your heart and it can pump blood around your body more easily.

Similarly, if you have a build-up of fluid in your legs and ankles you might be raising them on a cushion or a footstool, this will not properly support your legs and joints. The rise and recline chair high-leg-lift will both support your joints and help reduce the swelling in your legs.

Raynaud’s is another circulatory problem that a high leg-lift rise and recline chair can aid. It usually gets worse in the winter but improving your circulation, in general, or with the help will help of a rise and recline chair can reduce the effects of it.

2. Supports joints

Knee joints support

If you suffer from arthritis, back problems, you’ve had a hip or knee replacement, Osteoporosis or Sciatica, a high-leg lift can give you the bone and joint support that you need to get better or ease the pain.

Our rise and recliner chair will put you in a position that relieves strain on your pressure points, including your knees, hips, spine and neck. This allows your bones and joints to rest and with less pressure.

Lifting your legs above the heart can reduce pain in your bones and joints and can aid recovery after a knee or hip operation

3. Relaxes muscles

Relaxing muscles

When you sit normally you strain certain muscles to support yourself. When you are reclined back in the ideal 90-degree angle all your muscles are properly supported by the recliner armchair and can easily relax your muscles.

This is ideal for backaches, which are mostly caused by strained muscles, so you can sit back and relax knowing the chair will ease and relax your muscles.

4. Helps your posture

Bad vs Good Posture

Slouching while you sit can cause long term posture problems. Having poor posture can lead to problems later on in life, with walking, sitting and standing up. With the correct supportive chair, you can help correct your posture.

The high-leg lift rise and recline chair will support you in the correct place, including your knees, leg and ankles, your hips and lumbar region, back, neck and head. This full support encourages your body to correct poor posture created in the past. The chair puts you at a 90-degree angle which is a more natural way to sit and put your feet up that supports your whole body.

This will help aches and pains caused by poor posture and enable you to walk, get up and sit down more easily.

5. Aids breathing

Woman sitting comfortably

Mobility chairs can also help you with respiratory problems like COPD or other lung diseases. Often sitting can restrict your lung movement making it difficult to breathe properly. The high-leg lift motor in our rise and recline chair places you in a position that opens up your chest and supports your abdomen allowing you to breath more easily.

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