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How to Choose the Right Mattress for You

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1st October, 2018

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Pocket sprung? Latex? What about memory foam? There are so many options!

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, the right mattress is key. The average person spends a third of their life in bed. Your mattress matters and it’s worth investing in one that will help you get the rest you need.

But there are lots of things to consider. Which material should you choose if you get too hot at night? Or too cold? And what if you share your bed with your partner?

Our adjustable beds come with three mattress options. Read on to find out the difference between them, and how to choose the best one for you.

Pocket Sprung

A pocket sprung mattress may be the right choice for you if you:

Suffer from joint or back pain

Move around a lot at night

Get too hot at night or prefer a cooler night’s sleep

Share your bed with a partner

A pocket sprung mattress is made up of separate springs wrapped in individual fabric pockets. Each spring can react individually to your pressure and weight. This means your mattress will support every part of your body. It will take the strain off high-pressure areas such as your hips and shoulders and cushion your joints to provide exceptional comfort.

Pocket sprung mattresses are a good option for ‘active sleepers’ and people who change position throughout the night. The individual springs help your spine keep its natural curve even as you move around, reducing back pain so you can sleep soundly all night long.

Pocket Sprung mattress

These mattresses are also breathable. The individual springs allow air to move through the core of the mattress. This helps keep you cool - perfect if you tend to overheat at night.

You may also benefit from a pocket sprung mattress if you share your bed with a partner, particularly if there is a big height or weight difference between the two of you. The springs aren’t linked together, which removes the ‘roll-together’ or rebound feeling. So when your partner rolls over, you won’t roll with them!

Memory foam

A memory foam mattress might be the right choice for you if you:

Suffer from joint or back pain

Want a mattress that will adapt to your specific shape

Get cold at night

Suffer from allergies

Share your bed with a partner

Did you know memory foam was originally developed by NASA in the 1960s? This responsive material moulds to the shape of your body then it returns to its original shape when the pressure is removed. A memory foam mattress will distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from your body’s pressure points and cushioning your joints and muscles. By conforming to the curves of your body, a memory foam mattress will also help keep your spine in natural alignment.

Foam mattress with hand print

A unique feature of memory foam is that it adapts to your body’s temperature. As your temperature increases, the mattress becomes softer. This makes it incredibly comfortable, but if you struggle to get out of bed anyway, a memory foam mattress may make this even more difficult.

Memory foam also retains heat. This provides extra warmth and can help keep you toasty through the colder winter months – but if you’re prone to overheating at night, it may not be right for you.

Like pocket sprung mattresses, memory foam is a good choice if you share your bed with a partner. It absorbs movement, so you won't be disturbed if they toss and turn.

Memory foam mattresses are also the best option if you suffer from allergies or hay fever. The dense structure of memory foam means there’s nowhere for dust mites, which can aggravate allergies and the symptoms of hay fever, to hide.


A latex mattress may be the right choice for you if you:

Suffer from joint or back pain

Want a firm, supportive mattress

Prefer a cooler night’s sleep

Are looking for a really durable mattress

Latex mattresses are generally firmer than pocket sprung or memory foam mattresses - perfect if you like to feel really supported in bed. The firmness keeps your body weight evenly distributed, relieving pressure on your joints and reducing muscle tension.

If you often find yourself overheating at night, a latex mattress will also keep you cool. Latex is especially breathable and durable, which is helpful if you hate waking up hot.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses also have a longer life expectancy than most other types of mattress. They are incredibly durable and will last for many years – even decades.

So there you have it – a round-up of the various pros and cons of the three most common mattress types. But if you really want to know which mattress will help you get the great night’s sleep you deserve, why not visit us in store and try some out for yourself?

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