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19th July, 2024

Top-Paying Cities for Social Workers and Care Workers in the UK

With the UK grappling with an adult and elderly care crisis, we explore the top-paying cities for social workers and care workers.

Health and Wellbeing

woman in bed with a pillow over her eyes and holding a pair of glasses

24th June, 2024

Signs That You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

If you have a suspicion that you're not getting enough sleep, here are some of the indicators our Sleep Expert says you should look out for.

Health and Wellbeing

21st June, 2024

How Foods Affect Your Arthritis

We’ve shared the top foods to avoid for arthritis, helping you to manage symptoms and support your general health.

Health and Wellbeing

Woman's feet showing her socks off

21st June, 2024

6 Things You Should Know About Coping With Raynaud's

Raynaud's phenomenon is a common condition that affects your blood circulation. It causes certain areas of your body - usually your fingers and toes - to be over-sensitive to changes in temperature. They may turn white or blue, and feel numb or tingly. Here's how you can manage the symptoms of Raynaud's.

Health and Wellbeing

19th June, 2024

The True Cost of Elderly Care: A Family's Financial Stress Across the UK

Annual home care for elderly relatives can reach £61,200. Here are some of the costs you may not know about.

Health and Wellbeing

22nd May, 2024

4 Ways a Morris & Co. Chair Brings a Space to Life

Discover how a Morris & Co. rise and recline chair can elevate your space.

Rise and Recline Chairs

Elderly lady holding assistive product

10th May, 2024

An OT’s List of Useful Assistive Products

Samantha Shann recommends the best assistive devices and products that can help make day-to-day activities easier, safer, and less painful.

Health and Wellbeing

man sleeping with a CPAP machine

9th May, 2024

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Did you know that there's more to sleep apnoea than just snoring? Here's what Dr Nerina, our sleep expert, shares about causes and treatments.

Health and Wellbeing

The Most Accessible Heritage Sites in Britain Title

18th April, 2024

Unveiling the Top 10 Most Accessible Heritage Sites in the UK

Discover the most and least accessible heritage sites in the UK and the best regions to visit the most mobility-friendly and popular sights.

Travel and Things To Do

Oak Tree adjustable bed

12th April, 2024

Adjustable Beds vs Regular Beds

We explore the benefits of adjustable beds vs regular beds to help you find your perfect night's sleep.

Adjustable Beds

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