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6 Plants to Brighten up your Garden this Easter Holiday

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16th April, 2019


As the weather is getting warmer you might be thinking about what to plant in your spring garden. Here are a few tips to get your started featuring the 6 best flowers to plant during this month.



The best thing about Petunias is that they come in all different shapes and colours so if you have a combination they will really brighten up your garden.

Make sure you know the difference between Grandiflora, which are susceptible to rain damage, so you have to plant these in hanging baskets or boxes. However, Multiflora petunias have smaller flowers and therefore can be planted in beds.

It’s easier to grow petunias in pots inside first to avoid cold weather. Grow in plenty of sunlight and in well-drained soil. Wait for at least three leaves to appear before planting them outside, and definitely wait till after the April frosts.

Water weekly, or more regularly if there is a long period of drought, and fertilise every other week to ensure good growth. Also, remember to deadhead.



Pansies have a wide range of colours and patterns, which are perfect for brightening up your garden this spring. Because of their simplicity, they are perfect for ground cover and as a border flower up the garden path.

Pansies prefer cooler weather, that’s why they are perfect for spring.

Again, it’s easier to grow pansies in pots first and indoors to avoid the spring frost. When the soil temperature is between 7 and 18 degrees you can plant them in the ground.

Plant in moist but well-drained soil and in partial sun because they thrive in cooler temperatures. Remember to water regularly and a general fertiliser will do.

Dahlia bulbs

Dahlia Bulbs

This Mexican flower has 42 different species, meaning you have a huge choice of colour, shape and patterns to animate your garden.

Dahlias need to be grown indoors or undercover in early spring to keep them safe from the frost. Place in a nice warm spot with lots of warmth, light and fertiliser and make sure to water regularly.

Dahlias need canes when they’re first growing. You also need to pinch out the tips of the main shoot as they grow to encourage branching with a knife or your fingers. Remove the stem down to the top pair of leaves. For a fuller bunch, remove all but five shoots sprouting from the tuber. As the flowers fade, deadhead them.



This bright bloom is the perfect spring plant, they’re easy to grow from seeds and look so beautiful with their golden glow. Their huge variety will give you the ease of choice to fill your garden, mix and match different species for variety.

Grow marigolds indoors before the last of the frost in trays and place in a warm spot. Interestingly, they do not need loads of light to germinate, artificial light will be enough. Keep the soil damp. If the weather is warm you can plant them straight in the garden.

After two leaves have grown they can be transferred into their own pots and grown inside until the frosts have passed. Marigolds are very resistant and can survive in the hot sun and in dry or moist soil making them perfect for containers or beds. They don’t need much water but if they are in containers they will need more.

Deadhead the flowers for a lengthier bloom and dry out the heads for seeds for next year.



These easy-to-grow bulbs are perfect for flower cuttings and adorning your garden. These will thrive in the garden in rich, well-drained soil or in containers.

Secure deeply in the ground to alleviate the need for a stake. Within the trench, place manure to feed and retain an easy supply of water for the bulbs. Stagger the planting so you have a steady stream of flowering.

After the warm season, in colder areas, you might need to lift them to protect them and keep them in a sheltered spot.



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