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How To Use the Heat and Massage on Our Chairs

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19th December, 2023

Heat & Massage Remote

We often get asked how to operate the heat and massage function on our rise and recline chairs. So, here’s your step-step guide to your heat and massage hand controller, so you can enjoy your rise and recliner to the full.

When you purchase a riser and recliner chair from Oak Tree you have the option to add a heat and massage function to your chair.

The Relaxor® system introduces you to the latest technology of massage and places it at your fingertips. Now you can enjoy the relaxing feel of vibratory massage on your tired, knotted muscles by choosing from the dozens of pre-programmed or self-programmed settings. We know you will enjoy your new Relaxor® massage system.

Why should I get the heat and massage add-on?

Good for relaxing muscles

Man getting massage

Adding heat and massage helps relax your muscles. This can aid with several ailments including muscular back problems, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s. If you have a bad back a simple massage can help with relaxing the muscles, heat only adds to the benefits and effectiveness of this. MS causes paralysis, muscle spasms and tremors. Using massage and heat features can help relax the muscles causing the spasm and tremors.

Although heat and massages doesn’t cure these disease, it does help as a home remedy to relieve pain. Parkinson’s is a disease that affects the central nervous system and motor responses. Again, this is not a preventative or curative measure, but massage and heat will aid in helping relaxation of the muscles maximising comfort.

Good for circulation

Hands circulation

If you have bad circulation, suffer from oedema or have heart problems having heat and massage can help stimulate blood flow. Keeping warm will help your blood reach your extremities and the massage will help stimulate your skin and muscles to help your blood flow more easily through your body.

Good for your joints

Person after getting knee replacement

If you have arthritis, you’re recovering from a hip or knee replacement or you suffer from sciatica we highly recommend adding heat and massage to your rise and recline chair because it helps aid joint pain. The heat helps the joints from seizing up and the massage feature stimulates blood flow to the joints helping keep them supple.

Extra level of relaxation

Last but not least, these add-on features make your chair even more luxurious. After a long day, treat yourself with a heated massage and relax in ultimate comfort.

How do I use my heat and massage?

We want you to be able to take full advantage of the heat and massage system on our rise and recline chairs. So, we’ve put together this blog with a set of instructions to help you.

Our Relaxor Remote for heat and massage

The Power “PWR” button

This button activates the vibration massage system.

  • To turn it on press “PWR”
  • To turn it off press “RWR” again

This will activate a 15-minute timer indicated by a green light.

To activate a 30-minute timer hold down the “PWR” button for a few seconds until the amber light comes on.

You can also turn on massage by pressing any of the ZONES 1-5 buttons.

To restart, after the timer has finished, press the “PWR” button or any of the ZONE 1-5 buttons.

The HI/ LO Heat buttons

These two buttons activate the heat option.

  • The “LO” button will produce low heat
  • The “HI” button will produce high heat
  • Press the buttons again to turn the heat off.

This feature works with a massage or independently and has a 30-minute timer. To continue after the timer press either button again.

The “Zones” buttons

The zones refer to different parts of the chair that can have massage segregation. Any Zone can be activated by pressing that Zone button when operating in the “SELECT” or “PULSE” modes. A Green LED will indicate which massage transducers are active at any given instant. The regions are as follows…

1 – Upper Back

2 – Lower Back

3 – Hip Region

4 – Thigh Region

5 – Calf Region

The Massage Mode buttons

The massage mode buttons indicate what type of massage you want the chair to give. The green light will indicate which massage mode you are in.


The select button lets you choose any or all of the zones for massage.

  • Press “SELECT”
  • Press any or all of the ZONES (1-5) to activate
  • And press any of the zones to cancel


The WAVE massage setting moves up and down through the motors like a wave action.

  • Press “WAVE”
  • Press any or all of the Zones (1-5) to activate
  • Press any of the Zone buttons to cancel.


The PULSE massage mode turns the motors on and off to simulate a pulsing action.

  • Press “PULSE”
  • Press any or all of the Zones (1-5) to activate
  • Press any of the Zone buttons to cancel.


This massage setting makes the motors turn rapidly on and off at a high intensity to provide a tapping action.

  • Press “TAP”
  • Press any or all Zones (1-5) to activate
  • Press any or all Zones to cancel.


This massage mode makes the motors cycle from minimum to maximum intensity to provide a swelling action.

  • Pres “SWELL”
  • Press any or all of the Zones (1-5) to activate
  • Press any or all of the Zones to cancel

The Intensity Buttons

The intensity buttons control the intensity of massage with you select the “SELECT”, “WAVE or “PULSE” modes. “+” will increase the intensity and “-” decreases the intensity.

The Speed buttons

These control the pulsing frequency of the massage motors in the “PULSE” and “TAP” modes. It also controls the velocity as it cycles thought the “WAVE” and “SWELL” modes. “+” will increase the frequency and “-” decreases the frequency.

We hope you enjoy your heat and massage features in your Oak Tree rise and recline chair, so sit back and relax.

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