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What Recliner Chair Accessories Can Help With Comfort?

Munhil Imran

Munhil Imran

27th September, 2023

Woman sitting on Rise and Recline Chair

What is a recliner chair?

Recliner chairs offer a variety of benefits and features that can make them a popular choice for comfort and relaxation. They can be particularly beneficial for those with limited mobility - making it easier for them to sit down and stand up comfortably and safely. Recliner chairs help people with limited mobility to sit in comfort – and make it considerably easier to sit down and stand up. Regardless of your age, you should always be able to relax in comfort. At Oak Tree, our range of rise and recline chairs are designed to give you the ultimate seating experience, whether you have specific health needs or just want to put your feet up at the end of a long day. Rise and recliner chairs provide an excellent seating solution for all people and not just those with restricted mobility and we will explore how this can be enhanced by purchasing additional accessories.

How to make the most out of your recliner chair

Want to know how to make the most of your recliner chair and fully enjoy its comfort and relaxation benefits? The best way to make the most out of your recliner is to look after it well. In our blog ‘Top Tips for Rise and Recline Chair Care’, we cover how you can best take care of your chair. Here are also a few ways listed below:

Choose the right recliner

Select a recliner chair that suits your body size and shape for the best comfort. It may be beneficial for you to test different styles and features to find the one that best meets your needs. For example, you can test between a manual or electric recliner, or those with additional massage or heat functions. Additionally, you may want to consider whether a waterfall or button back would suit your comfort needs most.

Adjust the chair to fit

Customise the chair's position to your liking. Experiment with different reclining angles and footrest heights until you find the most comfortable position for your body. At Oak Tree, our Mobility Experts can show you this during a home demo where they will be able to help with a personalised assessment, listen to your needs and provide you with a tailored no obligation quote.

Use additional features

If your recliner chair has adjustable headrests, lumbar support, or other features, make sure to utilise them to enhance your comfort and support.

Keep your chair clean

Regularly clean and maintain your recliner chair to extend its lifespan and keep it looking and feeling fresh. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions for your specific chair.

Stay organised

Keep essentials like remote controls, reading materials, and drinks within easy reach, using side tables or organisers to ensure convenience while reclining.

What other accessories are there for recliner chairs?

Rise and recline accessories are functional additions that make your recliner more comfortable. So what other accessories are there for recliner chairs? At Oak Tree, our stylish add-ons make the time spent relaxing in your chair significantly more comfortable and convenient.

Heat and massage function

You can upgrade to pure luxury with built-in heat and massage. You can also choose all-over or targeted massage to soothe aching muscles or to relax more comfortably.

Heat and Massage Remote

Head cover

A head cover can help to protect your rise and recline chair. It sits at the top of the backrest and can be easily washed and replaced as needed.

Head Cover.

Arm caps

It’s likely you’re going to grip the arms of your chair as you lower yourself in and out and this can cause wear more than other areas. Arm caps help to keep the arms of your chair in good condition.

Arm Caps

Neck Roll

The neck roll is designed to fit behind the nape of the neck to hold the head and neck in the perfect position.

Neck Roll

Lateral Back

The lateral back’s snug design provides you with additional support for your spine - keeping your back in the correct position. This can be the perfect choice for those who may have suffered from a stroke.

Lateral Back


You can add lockable castors at no extra cost. They make your chair easy to move into the perfect position and to slide to one side when cleaning.


To answer the question ‘What recliner chair accessories can help with comfort?’, It's clear that there are accessories available for support. The accessories listed above are all available to personalise your chair with and can make a significant impact on your comfort. To find out more about our chairs and accessories available, you can visit our product page here.

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