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What are the Best Chairs for the Elderly?

Munhil Imran

Munhil Imran

22nd August, 2023

The Oak

What are the best chairs for the elderly? Rise and recline chairs are considered one of the most beneficial chairs for the elderly. This is due to their unique features that provide comfort, simplicity and improvement in mobility. As rise and recline chairs are specifically designed to provide for those with restricted mobility, it’s an ideal choice for seniors who may have difficulty standing up or sitting down on regular chairs or sofas.

Importance of choosing the right chair for the elderly

There is a huge importance of choosing the right chair for the elderly. With age, it’s perfectly normal for your mobility to change overtime. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that the right chair can provide comfort, safety and overall well being for you. Here are a few reasons why a rise and recline chair is a well suited option for the elderly:

Rising function

The rising function on a powered recliner allows you to gently rise to a close standing position. This makes it easier for those to get up from the chair without putting excessive strain on any joints or muscles.

Reclining position

There are multiple reclining positions that a rise and recline chair can offer. This allows you to comfortably adjust the chair to your needs - whether that be for reading, relaxing or even watching TV. The given ability to recline can also help with back pain, arthritis and other health problems you may be facing.

Mobility aid

A rise and recliner chair comes with an easy to use remote control that allows you to adjust the chairs position effortlessly. This feature is helpful for those with limited mobility or strength in their hands and arms. 

Circulation and swelling

A common issue among the elderly is usually to do with blood circulation or swelling. With the unique high leg lift rise and recline chair, getting the feet 6” above the heart level can help improve the flow of your blood circulation.

The importance of choosing the right chair for the elderly should be based on some of the reasons mentioned above. If you’re someone who is looking to invest in the right chair, a rise and recline chair might just be that for you. 

Woman touching her area of pain in her back

What to consider when selecting a chair for the elderly?

If you’re wondering what to consider when selecting a chair for the elderly, it's important to take into account the comfort and well-being factors. There are several aspects to keep in mind to ensure that the chair serves its purpose effectively. Here are a few things you should consider: 

Comfort and support

A rise and recline chair that has sufficient cushioning, lumbar and head support is important to look for when choosing a new chair. Without these, you may struggle to have the right comfort for your overall well being. 


It’s also important to consider if your rise and recliner motor functions and aligns to your needs. As previously mentioned, rise and recline chairs help reduce any strain on your joints and can smoothly assist with standing up and sitting down. This is an important feature for many as it’s also simple to use. Additional features that may also benefit you, are the built-in massage and heat functions for the ultimate comfort.

Size and fit

For optimal support, finding the right height, weight and body proportions on your rise and recline chair is important to consider. The dimensions of your recliner can accommodate you comfortably and ease any circulation problems. 

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Do recliner chairs help with sleep?

Recliner chairs are designed to make you feel relaxed. So if you’re wondering ‘do recliner chairs help with sleep?’ read one of our latest articles from sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan on The benefits of taking a nap - in this article, Dr Nerina explores that taking a nap on a comfortable chair, especially our rise and recline chairs, can help greatly with finding your optimal napping posture. 

Where to buy chairs for the elderly?

If you’re wondering where to buy chairs for the elderly, there are many retailers and outlets that you can purchase your recliner chair from. At Oak Tree, we do things differently to most others. We specialise in providing chairs that are not just off-the-shelf products but are crafted to fit the unique needs and preferences of each individual. You can contact us for free today for any questions on our rise and recliner products or request your free brochure for more information on our products.

Overall, if you’re still wondering what are the best chairs for the elderly - we hope this article has given you an insight into the advantages of rise and recline chairs and the many benefits they can provide you. Visit our product page to find out more about our selection of rise and recline chairs.

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