Happy Easter from Oak Tree Mobility!

Whether you’re planning on indulging to celebrate the end of Lent, entertaining the grandkids, or getting your hands dirty in the garden this weekend, we hope you enjoy the Easter bank holiday.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, so we asked our Facebook followers what they’re most looking forward in the coming months. Here’s what you told us.

Spring flowers

Snowdrops, daffodils, and tulips were all mentioned being some of your favourite spring flowers.

Oak Tree Mobility spring daffodils

Nothing says spring like the sight of a yellow carpet of daffodils. These beautiful bulbs typically bloom between February and early May, and vary in colour from deep yellow to almost white. Their delicate trumpet-shaped flowers can bring joy to even a grey April day.

Snowdrops have long been regarded as one of the first signs of spring but did you know there are more than 2,500 varieties? The most widely grown in the UK is the ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’. Snowdrops tend to flower in February and March, but some types can be spotted as early as January.

Tulips come in a huge array of colours, from crisp white to deep crimson and dark purple. They make ideal bedding plants, and conjure up images of Dutch windmills and evening sunshine.

Better weather

Several of you mentioned looking forward to better weather, but do you remember the saying ‘March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers’? It appears there may be some truth to this piece of weather lore.

Oak Tree Mobility spring weather

At this time of year, the jet stream (a band of very strong winds which move weather systems around the globe) starts to move north. This can cause the sudden downpours that occur in April. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. As we move into spring, our hours of daylight increase and the Sun rises higher in the sky. This means we receive more heat, so fingers crossed we’ve seen the last of the snow!

Getting out and about

Lighter evenings are one of the best things about spring. British Summer Time means that we have more daylight in the evenings. We’re looking forward to swapping cosy blankets for an evening stroll, or spending an afternoon relaxing with a good book while the sun shines in through the windows.

Oak Tree Mobility spring weather

What else do you love about spring? Head over to our Facebook page to leave a comment to let us know!

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