rise and recline chair

Swollen feet oedema

How to ease swollen ankles

Swollen ankles can be painful. So, we've put a list of things to do to help ease the pain of swollen ankles in your own home including using a recliner chair and adjustable bed.

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Elderly couple enjoying oak tree rise and recline chairs

What goes inside an Oak Tree Rise and Recline Chair?

We believe that using high-quality materials in our chairs will make them last for years and years, keeping you comfortable for as long as you need. We’re so proud about what goes into our chairs that we wanted to share it with you. Read on to find out what's inside our chairs and why we stand out from the rest.

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Elderly woman enjoying her rise and recline chair in her living room

6 perfect places to put your rise and recline chair

Deciding where to put your new rise and recline chair is an exciting prospect but also daunting, especially if you have limited space, a small home or other furniture to fit around. We’ve got some delightful interior design inspiration and space-saving ideas so you can get the comfort and support you deserve from your new rise and recline chair

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