What is poor circulation?

You might have heard people talking about circulation. Or perhaps your doctor has told you that you need to make efforts to improve your circulation.

But what does ‘circulation’ actually mean?

When people talk about ‘bad’ or ‘poor’ circulation, they are actually referring to the blood that is pumped around your body every time your heart beats.

With each heartbeat, blood is pumped to the lungs where it collects oxygen and becomes ‘oxygenated’. The oxygenated blood travels back to the heart and is then pumped out so it can distribute oxygen to all parts of the body.

If something goes wrong with this process and the flow of blood is reduced or restricted in some way, oxygenated blood is unable to reach all parts of the body. This can lead to serious health problems. However, it is worth remembering that poor circulation isn’t a condition itself; rather, it is the result of other health issues.


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What causes poor circulation?

There are a number of causes of poor circulation, including:

Bad Diet

One of the most common causes of poor circulation is a bad diet. When the body doesn’t get the right amount of essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, blood vessels become fragile, making it difficult for the blood to circulate properly. High cholesterol resulting from an unbalanced diet can also cause plaque to build up in the arteries. This reduces blood volume and impedes circulation.


As everyone knows, smoking is responsible for a huge number of health issues, ranging from the minor to the severe. One effect of smoking is that it thickens the blood and increases the likelihood of blood clots, which in turn restrict blood flow. Smoking also leads to a narrowing of the arteries, which makes it harder for oxygenated blood to circulate to the organs.

Lack of Exercise

Regular exercise is an important part of staying healthy. A lack of exercise can lead to multiple health issues, one of which is poor circulation. It won’t happen overnight, but years of inactivity will eventually take its toll on the circulatory system, which requires regular movement to function properly.

Stress and Anxiety

No one likes too much stress or anxiety. Unfortunately, feeling stressed and anxious can cause knots in the muscles, especially in the shoulders and neck. These knots can put pressure on your arteries, impairing circulation and restricting blood flow to the major organs.


Diabetes can affect more than your blood sugar. It can even cause poor circulation in certain areas of the body. For instance, it might cause cramping in your legs and pain in your calves, thighs or buttocks.


Excessive weight applies pressure and stress on the tissues, leading to circulation problems. Obesity is often linked with a sedentary lifestyle, which compounds the problems realted to blood flow and circulation.


To learn more about how an Oak Tree Mobility product can help improve your circulation, call us FREE on the number below and quote: 717/FBK/3

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What is Peripheral Arterial Disease?

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is the name given to the disorder that occurs when the arteries contract. This happens because of something called atherosclerosis, which itself occurs when the walls of the arteries become clogged with white blood cells and plaque, causing them to harden. PAD is thus often a consequence of the causes of poor circulation listed above. The image below shows the stages of atherosclerosis and how an increased build up in the arteries can lead to PAD over time.



Symptoms of poor circulation?

Poor circulation can present itself as one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Muscle pain
  • Wounds that don’t heal properly
  • Swelling in the hands and feet
  • Shiny skin on the legs
  • Loss of hair on the legs
  • Faint pulse in the feet
  • Weak nails
  • Numbness in the limbs
  • Digestive issues


To learn more about how an Oak Tree Mobility product can help improve your circulation, call us FREE on the number below and quote: 717/FBK/3

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How to Improve Your Circulation

There are a number of things that you can do to improve your circulation. For example, eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise are some of the easiest ways to improve poor circulation.

How can Oak Tree Mobility products help?

At Oak Tree Mobility, we offer a number of products that can make a huge difference to people who struggle with poor circulation. A range of special product features have been designed specifically to address some of the root causes of poor circulation, and all Oak Tree products are approved by an independent occupational therapist.

If you do suffer from the symptoms associated with poor circulation, your doctor is likely to have suggested that you raise your feet higher than your hips. The most popular feature we offer to help improve poor circulation is the unique high leg lift, which is available with all our rise and recline chairs. This feature works at the touch of a button and raises your feet above the level of your hips, helping the blood flow back to the heart and reducing swelling and pain in the legs.

An adjustable bed can also help improve circulation by raising your legs above your hips. All Oak Tree Mobility adjustable beds have a five-point K-frame that can be adjusted in five difference places: the head, back, bottom, knees and feet. By raising the feet and legs, circulation is improved and swelling is reduced in the same way as a high leg lift chair.

A Massage System Can Make a Big Difference Too

Did you know that all Oak Tree Mobility rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds are available with a built-in massage system? Massage is a great way to relive pain and help you relax, but it also improves circulation and gets the blood flowing too. The massage systems on our chairs and beds offer five points of contact, and each point can be operated individually at a choice of intensity and speed. By raising your legs above your hips and enjoying a deep massage, you could improve your circulation significantly.

For your peace of mind, all Oak Tree Mobility products are approved by Samantha Shann, an independent occupational therapist and founder of UK Therapy Services. According to Samantha, a massage system offers a number of benefits and is a simple way to improve circulation: “This sophisticated massage system has been designed to accomplish three things: help you rest and relax easily by reducing nervous tension, stimulate your circulation, and induce a general feeling of well-being.”


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To learn more about how an Oak Tree Mobility product can help improve your circulation, call us FREE on the number below and quote: 717/FBK/3

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